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"This is heavy metal with lots of influences from the eighties...old-school lovers...go for this album!"



"Sometimes we are really stunned about the material that we receive on our desk. Now and then, a totally unknown band delivers a package with an album that blows our socks off. I must admire Worwyk for having this appropriate talent. Once you have listened to all tracks, you will have the need to play it again and again. My favorites of this album are 'As You Die' (what a cool chorus, mixed with the acoustic part), 'Malignant' (title track and best arrangement on this album) and 'Selling Sickness' (what an aggression, I just love this up-speed anthem). WORWYK was a real pleasure to explore and this band and name will be etched in my brain for the next coming years. I hope that we will hear of this band in the future."

Metal to Infinity review of Malignant


"We were first introduced to metal heavyweights Worwyk when their 'In Solitude' CD came through our doors a few years back. They were mind-blowing then, and, well, they might just have graduated to mind-annihilating. We're using "they" a bit loosely here, and it's technically inaccurate to use the term "band" to classify this project. It's really the work of one man (though he did recruit a new vocalist for this outing), Chicago's Tom Vitacco, a guy who loves to crank out the metal, but prefers to keep it in the studio. After you hear the 1-2 punch of "As You Die" and "Greed," you'll see why: the versatility and complexities harnessed in these two tracks alone are worth the price of admission. Comfortable with slow progressions as well as skull-rattling riffs, Vitacco is dexterous on the guitar and a perfectionist with the production. It all comes together on this disc, and we don't have any doubt that it'll be one of the best underground metal releases you'll hear all summer."

Brad at CD Baby


"Worwyk's album is a heavy and melodic band that has a very unique sound. Comparing their music to anyone else is somewhat of a challenge, but I'd have to say they have a Killswitch Engage meets Queensryche kind of sound about them (a unique blend I know). Their music sounds new, but often takes me back to the comfort of older metal, and I'm perfectly fine with that."

MelodyHunt Blog


"Haunting vocals, sometimes raspy, sometimes clear, floating over intricate, progressive influenced metal. Lots of blistering solos, melodic tempo changes and crisp drums all blend together into a tight wall of sound. Jason Russo's voice reaches high and low demonstrating his wide range and talent behind the mic. Worwyk is a studio only project headed by Tom Vitacco. Tom writes all the music and handles all the mixing, mastering and artwork. He also samples all the bass, drums and keyboard sequences. Jason was brought on to fulfill the vocal role after former vocalist, Mike O'Hara, was no longer available. Each track on this CD showcases the guitar talent of Tom Vitacco and the vocal range and talent of Jason Russo. They sound like they were destined to play together in a band. While the previous releases of Worwyk were good, this CD far surpasses them. Stand out tracks include Consequences and Greed.

Terry Bunch - Metal Life website


"In Solitude" is in the first place very unique, sounds real powerful/US Metal minded and has eight technical songs on board with a flammable production. The style of Worwyk's music to me is a blend of US Power and Thrash Metal, sometimes with a little bit of Prog influences. They're pretty original, not that easy to compare with other bands but more than worthy enough to spread the news that these guys delivering the goods! Both US Power/Thrash Metal defenders, keep away from solitude and find yourself a way that leads to a band called Worwyk. Media, press and worshippers of great independent Metal music...spread the word and keep the underground scene alive!"

Metal to Infinity review of In Solitude


Hail Worwyk! One man and heavy metal destroying my ears. Excellent! Stay brutal brother."

METALIRON from MySpace


"An infectious drum beat pushed the listener into equally addictive guitar riffs. Growly vocals add to this pulse pounding song. This one will get you up out of your seat and banging your head."

Power Chord Magazine review of Worwyk song "Treatment"


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