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"Worwyk plays authentic heavy metal combining melodic, semi-technical riffs
with scorching solos and both clean and aggressive vocals."

New songs released from Shadows Black, a side project from Worwyk guitarist Tom Vitacco, which will focus on more of a "goth and synth metal style" as compared to the traditional metal sound of Worwyk.

The latest Worwyk releases: Tears of the Mist, Decapitator and No More singles
and the Shadows Black album. Check 'em out!

New Worwyk song to be featured in an upcoming rock musical!


from MetatronTheRockMusical/Metatron and the Archangels of the ThroneŠ
Libretto by Sound Script Studios
Music, Vocals and Lyric edits by Worwyk (Tom Vitacco/Jason Russo)

(c) Worwyk. All rights reserved.