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Metal Force is a side project from Worwyk guitarist Tom Vitacco that released
one album in 2010 called Metal Rebirth. The project also featured Jason Russo
on vocals and Darren Raffel on guitar. Tom and Darren played bass as well.

Please check it out by clicking the image below and thanks for the support!

"Metal Force is a pure US Metal band. This album breathes everything
Eighties Metal is all about. This is a very good release that
Heavy and Power Metal fans really should check out."
Metal to Infinity website

"I am considering naming it my top album of 2010...I urge folks
who like metal with melodies and traditional heavy metal folks to have
a listen to Metal Rebirth...you won't be disappointed."

Metal Force is (l to r):
Darren Raffel: Guitar & Bass
Tom Vitacco: Guitar & Bass
Jason Russo: Vocals

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